Join the Working Blue Democratic Club as a Union and get four seats on the committee.

Posted November 21, 2022

Dear members of local 507

At the Building Trades meeting this morning we heard from Brian O’Neill of the Silicon Valley Working Blue Democratic Club. Brian told us about the important work of the club in ensuring that the Democratic Party remembers its roots in the working men and women of our country. Let’s make sure we are at the table, every time.

Please circulate the attached flyer to your PAC Committee and to your members. Whether you live or work in Santa Clara County, being involved with this club is a great way to advance the cause of labor, affect legislation regarding working families, and promote a Labor agenda within the Democratic Party.

This should be the largest and best attended club in the county. Help make it so. Dues are $80/year for a Union OR $20 per year if joining as an individual, and meetings are once monthly, currently via video conference (Zoom).



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September 26, 2023

Save The Date!

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September 26, 2023