It’s That Time Again

Posted June 30, 2023

Brothers and Sisters,

This is a reminder that due to the 4th of July Holiday the monthly membership meeting will be held Thursday July 6th at 5:30 pm.

It’s that time again, contract time. The Northern California Floor Covering Master Agreement was ratified on June 23rd. They received a 4-year contract worth $14.00. Now that the Master Agreement is completed negotiations for the Sacramento Addendum can begin. I have taken all the data that we received from the contract questionnaire and compiled into what the members want. Our current addendum will expire on July 31, 2023, if we do not have a contract in place every single active members will be on strike. You will be required to report to the union hall in Sacramento to check in and get your strike assignment. If you do not report, you will be brought up on charges. Below is the rules for a Strike or Lockout, please look them over and be aware of what your obligation as a member is if we go on strike. Hopefully it will not come to this. I have been on strike before and all I can say is no one wins when we go on strike, not the contractors or the members.


Section 24.01 In the event of a strike in support of collective bargaining demands, members who are required by the language of the applicable collective bargaining agreement to continue to work during the strike and who will be eligible to vote on ratification of the agreement being negotiated, shall each be assessed an amount equal to two (2) hours wages per day worked. 

Section 24.02 Procedures regarding strikes and lockouts shall be handled in accordance with Sections 249 through 252 of the International Constitution. 

Section 24.03 The Executive Board shall make themselves available at all times and they shall be, or they shall appoint, a Strike Committee prior to a strike or lockout. 

Section 24.04 All members who are employed by an employer who is signed to an Interim Working Agreement binding the employer to the terms of the successor 48 Collective Bargaining Agreement shall be assessed an amount equal to two (2) hour’s taxable net wage per each day worked during the strike.  Those members so working shall register at their respective Local Union on the first (1st) day of the strike and obtain a work referral.  Said members shall report to their respective Local Unions on each Saturday and pay their strike assessment and any other assignment in support of the Union and their Brothers and Sisters.  Those members failing to timely pay their working assessment, as described above, shall have their work referral revoked. (a) All monies received from the temporary working assessment shall be accounted for separately and shall be disbursed by the Strike Committee to the members who are performing physical strike and picket duties. (b) The Strike Committee may require written permission or re-dispatch for all members working under the terms of an Interim Agreement and/or Project Labor Agreements. 

Section 24.05 All active members in good standing of the craft on strike must register at their respective Local Unions on the first (1st) day of a strike or lockout, and take the strike assignment given by the Strike Committee.  Each member shall check in daily during the strike or lockout for assignment and/or information. 

Section 24.06 Any member who fails to register and/or check in daily, and/or perform the strike assignment as instructed as required by these rules shall be cited to appear before the Trial Board of District Council 16.


Randy Rojas

Business Representative



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June 21, 2024

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