In Remembrance of BOBBY T.

Posted November 19, 2021

Our president Nick King has provided a letter in remembrance of Robert Tarrant (Bobby T.) who initiated in this union 11/14/1978 and passed October 13, 2021.

“I might not be the best person to write about Bobby T. but he made an impact in my life and career and I wanted to share my experience working with him.

I met Bobby T. when I made the transition from Progress Glass to Mission Glass.  I had been at Progress Glass for 9 years and my last 6 months working there was rough.  I will tell you what is worse than being laid off, having a job and not making any money.  I worked a day here and a day there.  I was broke, my self-esteem was down, I knew I had the skills, but in the trade it takes more than skill.  You have to be a good fit for the crew.

My first interaction with Bobby T. at Mission Glass, he looked me up and down and hit me up, “What shop are you coming from?” I told him and shared what I had been going thru; Bobby T. said, “It was the same for me”.  That was it, Bobby T.  accepted me at this new shop as his Union Brother.

I worked with Bobby T. on occasion, doing hack outs and board ups.  When we worked together, we didn’t talk about how we were going to do the job, or what the next step was.  We worked in sequence and talked about motorcycles and things that had nothing to do with work.  Bobby T. was funny, bad jobs were still good days working with him.

Bobby T. is my Union Brother and I will always remember him accepting me and helping me transition into a new shop.

Nick King
President, Glaziers Local 718


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