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Posted April 5, 2024

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and in most cases, it is more important. It is a high priority at DC 16 to help bring awareness to your mental health and stability. Just as illness can take a toll on your physical being, life can take a toll on your mind as well. Life isn’t always easy so I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that we are here for you. I am always here to help my brothers and sisters no matter what they might be going through and I can be reached easily by phone (707-644-2249) or by stopping by the office. In addition, DC 16 has a great outreach program called “Helping Hand” at their website you can find all sorts of assistance, help, links, and information.

We are here to help when in need.

Helping Hand

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-TALK or

Or you can always dial ‘988’ from any phone to get help.

James Boster is our mental health liaison at DC16 and is available to get you assistance as well, you can reach him at

Please don’t be afraid to reach out for help, we all go through tough times at one point or another and we understand that bad times do happen but bad times don’t last forever and we want to help you get through it. Just remember you are not alone.


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