Honoring our members achievements!

Posted December 19, 2022

 We at Glaziers Local 169 are Honored to recognize a few of our Members that have been with our Union for a very longtime. The following members have 70 or more consecutive years in the IUPAT Glaziers Local 169.

Robert Boyd, Lawrence Moore, and Frank Souza all joined Local 169 in 1952 and Celebrated 70 years in the Union! Richard Garcia and Charles Cleland joined Local 169 in 1947 and celebrated 75 years in the Union. Lloyd Cuneo joined the Glaziers Union in 1946 and he celebrated 76 years in the Union. We had special Glass plaques made for all of them, Frank and Richard received theirs at our annual Holiday Party in the beginning of December. The others will either be mailed or personally delivered to their residence. Please join us in thanking them for their dedication to the Union and for the groundwork they laid for our Union. We truly rest on the shoulders of the Giants that came before us!


Bob Llewellyn

Business Representative

Glaziers 169


To our Members

February 13, 2024

VAC Events

The VAC Banquet is happening March 2nd this year at Casa Real at the Ruby Hills Winery. Invitations have been sent out. Make sure to RSVP to 925-245-1080. If you feel that you or your family member should have received an invitation and have not, please contact the hall so we can look into it. […]

February 13, 2024