Happy Labor Day!

Posted August 31, 2023

Happy Labor Day Brothers and Sisters! 

On this special day, we salute your dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to building the world around us. Your tireless efforts shape cities and construct the foundations of progress.

From stringing up the first piece of tape on the drywall to the final paint touch-ups, your craftsmanship and skill transform blueprints into reality. Your persistence in the face of challenges, your teamwork under pressure, and your ability to turn dreams into structures inspire us all.

As we celebrate Labor Day, let’s take a moment to recognize the sweat, the grit, and the determination you all pour into every project. 

May your day be filled with well-deserved rest, appreciation, and the satisfaction of knowing that your hard work shapes a better world for everyone. Happy Labor Day, Local 3 members! Here’s to you and the remarkable structures you bring to life. 

Stay safe and enjoy your well-deserved day off! 


¡Feliz Día del Trabajo hermanos y hermanas!

En este día especial, saludamos su dedicación, arduo trabajo y compromiso inquebrantable para construir el mundo que nos rodea. Tus esfuerzos incansables dan forma a las ciudades y construyen las bases del progreso.

Desde colocar el primer trozo de cinta en el panel de yeso hasta los retoques finales de pintura, su destreza y habilidad transforman los planos en realidad. Tu perseverancia ante los desafíos, tu trabajo en equipo bajo presión y tu capacidad para convertir los sueños en estructuras nos inspiran a todos.

Mientras celebramos el Día del Trabajo, tomemos un momento para reconocer el sudor, el valor y la determinación que todos ponen en cada proyecto.

Que tu día esté lleno de merecido descanso, agradecimiento y la satisfacción de saber que tu arduo trabajo da forma a un mundo mejor para todos. ¡Feliz Día del Trabajo, miembros del Local 3! Brindo por ti y por las extraordinarias estructuras que das vida.

¡Mantente a salvo y disfruta de tu merecido día libre!

Did you know???

Section 222 of the International Painters and Allied Trades Constitution:

(a) All District Councils and Local Unions shall observe the first Monday in September as Labor’s holiday. All members shall be restrained from working on this day. 

(b) The Sunday preceding Labor Day, of each year, shall be set aside as Memorial Sunday, in tribute to those Brothers and Sisters who have passed away.



Brothers and Sisters, We currently have 24 Painters and 23 Tapers on the Out-of-Work List. Local 3 has had 12 Painters and 12 Tapers dispatched so far in the month of February. If you are out of work, please contact the local and place yourself on the Out-of-Work List. Northern California Painters: Per the Northern […]

February 23, 2024

Recovery Committee!

The Southern Nevada Building Trades Union has started a Recovery Committee. This committee is tasked with developing resources and educating members and contractors on the resources the Union has for Mental health and substance abuse. If you are interested in being on this committee please contact Daniel Lincoln 702-939-0594.

February 23, 2024