Happy December!

Posted December 1, 2023

The new year is right around the corner. We are urging all painters to start taking the courses that will be required to be dispatched come 2025.  A year seems like a long time but with how fast this one went by, it will be here in no time. The Required classes for commercial painters are; Fall Protection (USACE EM385), including Ladder Safety, and Mobile Elevated Worker Platforms, along with Harassment training which should be provided by your employer.

For Industrial painters is; OSHA 10, Scaffold Training, and Harassment training. Take in mind if you already have, or take OSHA 30, as long as you have your card you will not have to renew it every few years.  Go to DC16star.org to register for classes

The San Francisco Building Trades recently finalized and signed an all-Union Private Project Labor Agreement with Prologis. This will be a Large multi staged project in the South East side of the city that will bring hours to all DC16 Crafts over the next few years. Project Labor Agreements are being utilized throughout the country between Building Trades Councils and Developers to make sure projects are done on time and on budget by Skilled & Trained Workers. You have probably worked on a PLA and didn’t even know it. Airport jobs, Treasure Island, and Mission Rock are just a few of the many PLAs in San Francisco and San Mateo County that are currently underway.

Members of Local 913 Harry Winford and Deshara Hilton working at the Baker Beach Apartment complex with Signatory Shop Rockaway Construction.

Its not to late to get your last VAC in for the year and join us in the new year for the Banquet. Check the calendar for VACs throughout the month. As always, local 913 will be serving meals to the less fortunate on the third Tuesday of December, the 19th. The December event is always busier than normal and we could use the extra hands. This is a family friendly VAC, the kids are welcome!