Graton Resort and Casino expansion

Posted June 16, 2023

Graton Casino held a ground breaking ceremony on June 16 that I was fortunate to attend. The expansion of the property will employ 2,000 temporary Union construction jobs and 600 new Graton Resort & Casino team members. Graton Resort & Casino is already one of Sonoma County’s largest private employers and this addition is expected to be Sonoma County’s largest commercial construction project in years adding approximately 144,000 square feet.

The $1 billion project will also include:

  • A new gaming area including slots and poker room
  • A new five-story hotel wing with over 200 rooms
  • A 28,000 square-foot rooftop restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating for 480 guests
  • A five-level parking structure with solar panels and EV charging stations
  • A 3,500-seat theater

 This expansion will be built under a PLA and will provide much-needed employment opportunities for many of our skilled workers. This will not only help our members earn a living, but it will also help to generate thousands of hours to our Trust Funds.

 I am excited to see this project take shape and look forward to working with all the other trades to ensure its success.

In solidarity,

Brent Hudson 

Business Representative



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