Future Work Outlook

Posted February 14, 2022

Brothers and Sisters,

We have started off the year in a good direction. Work has picked up dramatically for the Drywall Finishers and the Paint shops are following right behind them. If you are not working please call and get on the out-of-work list!

There are a lot of good things happening in our area that will benefit our members. The Aggie Square Project at UC Davis Medical Center is set to break ground this month and all of this work is guaranteed to be done by Union Workforce. We also just got the CNU Project Labor Agreement finalized and again this work is all going to be done 100% Union. This project will be at the old Kings Arena/Sleep Train Arena.

These are just a few of the projects that will be done 100 % Union, thanks to the relationships between the Building Trades Council and the elected Leaders that vote for these projects to be done under these provisions. This is why we as Union members must pay attention to the political atmosphere in our local areas.

We currently have a City-Wide CWTA with the City of Sacramento and this was because we have Union friendly city council members. The CWTA was set to expire and was recently extended another 6 months. The City Council has to vote to get these types of agreements passed. Without the votes in the City Council to get the CWTA passed these agreements would be impossible.

We are coming up on elections and we need to know who has the best interest of the working people and who doesn’t. This is what we look at when we endorse candidates. I have heard from some members that say we always seem to endorse a certain political party and that is just not true. We do not care about political party; we care about how the decisions made by these politicians will affect the working people. Especially the working members of our Union.

Please be on the lookout for information regarding the elections coming up later this year. We will have a list of candidates that have been endorsed by District Council 16. There will also be some VAC events to help with some campaigns. Stay Tuned!!

William Gonzalez
District Council 16
Painters and Drywall Finishers Local 487



Brothers and Sisters, The Northern California Painters Master Agreement is set to expire at the end of the month. Please attend Local 3’s membership meeting to voice any concerns; Thursday June 8th, 6pm at 2020 Williams St. San Leandro. Work for Painters has been picking up with requests from Valdez Painting, KBI Painting, and J&R […]

June 02, 2023

Work Outlook

Brothers and Sisters,  Work has picked up for Painters and continues to pick up in our area. Please make sure to call and be put on the out-of-work list. I have spoken with contractors and it sounds like they will be needing more manpower soon. So make sure you get on the list. Also, for […]

June 02, 2023