Posted November 18, 2022

Brothers and Sisters,

                In order to qualify for the STAR REWARDS event in 2023 you must take the new SCT1 CLASS. We have scheduled SCT 1 in Fresno California for January 14th, 2023 at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Fresno. In order to sign up for the class go to click on Fresno and then under classes click on leadership then choose SCT1. VERY IMPORTANT IF WE DO NOT HAVE A MINUMUM OF 50 MEMBERS SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS IN FRESNO IT WILL BE CANCELLED AND YOU WILL HAVE TO TRAVEL TO TAKE THE CLASS IF YOU WISH TO QUALIFY FOR THE EVENT SO PLEASE SIGN UP NOW!

                Also Local 294 will be holding a Holiday Event this year at the Local Union Hall on Saturday December 17th, 2022, It is a Adult Event . In addition to Potluck style dinner and Adult Beverages we will have a FREE RAFFLE. A mailer has been sent out to all members, in addition we have sent a Unite Text and Email to all members. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

Regarding UNITE I have noticed several members opting out of receiving texts and emails from your Union. Over the years members have had concerns about not being notified about current events such as collective bargaining, VAC opportunities, Changes to healthcare etc. District Council 16 heard those complaints and has made every effort to keep our membership informed through several communication avenues such as Regular Union Meetings, Texting, Emails, social media, USPS and last but certainly not least the DC16 website. However, as we all learned in our original SCT Classes The person or group of people sending a message otherwise known as the sender is as only good as the person or persons receiving the message also known as the receiver. The receiver (Union Members) has an equal if not greater responsibility to receive information as the sender (Union Leadership) has to send it. There is really no acceptable reason not to be informed. Please do not be that Member.

                In closing we wish all of you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving!!!!!



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