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Posted junio 2, 2023

Hermanos y Hermanas, 

Work has picked up for Painters and continues to pick up in our area. Please make sure to call and be put on the out-of-work list. I have spoken with contractors and it sounds like they will be needing more manpower soon. So make sure you get on the list. Also, for Painters, your contract is set to expire at the end of June. Keep an eye out for a message regarding a tentative agreement and information regarding when and where you can vote. I have been getting questions about the Holiday/DDO calendar for July through December. The answer to the question is, that without a contract we technically do not have any Holidays and DDO’s. Be sure to attend the next meeting to get any updates that may be available or if you have any input on the Sacramento addendum. Remember, once the Painters Master Agreement is ratified, then we go into negotiations for the Sacramento addendum. 

Drywall has picked up a bit, but we still have members on the out-of-work list. Raymond has picked up some members for the Chicken Ranch Casino and for the Courthouse project in Sacramento. Nevell Group and Anning Johnson have work coming up at the Aggie Square project located at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. There are some large projects that will be picking up downtown with Component West and Nevell Group. Make sure you are on the out of work list, these projects will be picking up in the coming months.

For everyone, the new STAR Schedule is up on the DC16 STAR website. You can sign up online at or you can call (510)782-7827 to schedule a class.  Make sure you keep up on your certifications and remember that the SCT Class is the new qualifier for the STAR Awards Event. 

As always, our meetings are every second Monday of the month at 5:30 pm. This month we will be getting names for those interested in joining us for a Union Night a Sacramento River Cats game. We were able to get a Suite from the Sacramento Central Labor Council on Saturday July 22, 2023 and there will be 20 spots available. The members in attendance at the meeting in June will be the first to be able to RSVP. We will send out a text reminder the day of the meeting. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting. 

En solidaridad,

William Gonzalez


¡¡Enfoque en el lugar de trabajo!!

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mayo 18, 2024

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mayo 18, 2024