We ARE Open

Posted abril 11, 2022

Queridos miembros,

El Local 507 está abierto a todos los miembros para cualquier ayuda que pueda necesitar. Tenemos algunas reglas, y lea los protocolos COVID-19 a continuación. Gracias.

Jose Espinosa
Consejo de Distrito 16
Representante Empresarial
2149 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131



Brothers and Sisters, On July 8, 2022 we will be holding a ratification vote for Local Union 1512 Wage Increase of $1.00. For this Local to receive the 1% accrual rate and the special early retirement penalty lowered 6% to 3%, we will need to allocate an extra $0.79 into the pension by the end […]

julio 05, 2022

Comité de vacaciones LU 718

Brothers and Sisters, I would like to introduce you to the Local Union 718 Holiday Committee. The committee meets regularly and is responsible for planning our holiday party, presenting the plan to the membership for approval and preparing for the event. With that said, I would like to thank these members for dedicating their time […]

julio 05, 2022