Posted agosto 11, 2023

If you were dispatched to a PLA during the Strike and have not made your Strike Assessment Payment yet, please come to the Local during normal business hours to make your payment. The 913 Strike Committee is going through what payments have been received and will start the process of bringing members who did not make their Strike Assessment, or did not participate in the strike up on charges. See the excerpt below from the DC16 Bylaws on Strike Assessments. 


Section 24.01 In the event of a strike in support of collective bargaining demands, members who are required by the language of the applicable collective bargaining agreement to continue to work during the strike and who will be eligible to vote on ratification of the agreement being negotiated, shall each be assessed an amount equal to two (2) hours wages per day worked.

Section 24.05 All active members in good standing of the craft on strike must register at their respective Local Unions on the first (1st) day of a strike or lockout, and take the strike assignment given by the Strike Committee. Each member shall check in daily during the strike or lockout for assignment and/or information.

 Section 24.06 Any member who fails to register and/or check in daily, and/or perform the strike assignment as instructed as required by these rules shall be cited to appear before the Trial Board of District Council 16.