Posted mayo 5, 2023

Únase a los locales de West Bay para el Día de Acción de IUPAT en Linda Mar Beach en Pacifica el 13 de mayo. a partir de las 10 a.m. Estaremos limpiando la playa. Este es un gran evento para traer a su familia también. Recuerde, para ser invitado al Banquete VAC debe hacer al menos tres eventos VAC, eso incluye a la familia y los niños. Solo los participantes están invitados. ¡Este evento también será un evento de entradas doradas!

Actualmente se está negociando el Contrato de Pintores. El acuerdo actual vence el 31 de juniost. Todavía puede ponerse en contacto con su representante comercial para agregar sugerencias sobre lo que le gustaría ver en el nuevo contrato. Una vez que se presente un acuerdo, asegúrese de salir a votar sobre el nuevo contrato. Se enviará un aviso tan pronto como se llegue a una propuesta. 

Se enviará un aviso formal en las próximas semanas, pero tendremos nominaciones para un puesto de administrador en la Junta Ejecutiva de 913 en la próxima reunión local el 7 de junio. Los requisitos para ocupar el cargo son los siguientes:

Section 210 of the IUPAT Constitution 

(a) To be eligible to run for any elected position, a

member must meet the following requirements:

(1) The member has been in continuous good standing for

two (2) years immediately prior to the date of nomination and

must have been a member of the Local Union of which he or she

wishes to seek office for at least prior six months;

(2) The member has attended at least one meeting, and attended,

or excused his absence from, at least twenty-five percent

(25%) of the meetings held by the Local Union during the 12

months immediately prior to the date of nomination; a member

may excuse his or her absence on the basis of a work conflict,

illness, or personal emergency, so long as he or she submits the

excuse in writing to the Local Union no later than five

(5) calendar days after the missed meeting; and

(3) The member (A) was employed, actively seeking employment,

or unable to be employed or to seek employment due to

temporary disability, within our trade during the major portion of

the twelve months prior to the date of nomination, and

(B) is currently active in the trades and not drawing a pension

from a plan sponsored by or affiliated with the International

Union or any subordinate body of the International Union. employed” 

and “employment” means “full-time” employment as

defined in Section 211(j).

(b) A member otherwise eligible shall not be rendered ineligible

under this Section if he or she was employed full time

during the major portion of the 12 months prior to the date of

nomination by the International Union, a Local Union or District

Council of the International Union, the AFL-CIO, or any department

thereof, a central body recognized by the Local Union of

which he or she is a member or in any department of the local,

state, provincial and/or territorial or Federal Government. For the

purpose of this section, “full-time” shall mean working at least

870 hours per year, determined by dividing the total of the office

holder’s earnings during the twelve (12) months preceding the

month of nominations by the lesser of the journey-person’s hourly

rate of compensation, or the officeholder’s lowest hourly rate

of compensation.

(c) Where no members are initially nominated who meet the

eligibility requirements set forth above, the Local Union may accept

the nomination and election of others from among its members

who are not specifically disqualified under other provisions

of the General Constitution. Where the General President, in his

or her sole discretion, determines that conditions in a given Local

Union warrant, he or she may waive one or more eligibility


(d) In every case, it shall be a requirement of eligibility to be

nominated or elected that the member must be a resident of the

United States or Canada.

(e) War veterans now serving or having served in the armed

forces of the United States or Canada, shall be credited with continuous

good standing for the period of such service insofar as

eligibility for delegate to the General Convention is concerned.

(f) Any member who enters the land, naval or air forces of the

 United States or Canada, by enlistment or conscription, and

becomes disabled while in service and receives an honorable

discharge, shall not be debarred from holding office or serving

as a delegate or representative of the Local Union, provided the

member is otherwise qualified under the provisions of the Constitution.

(g) Every member in good standing shall have the right to

nominate, vote for or otherwise support the candidate of his or

her choice, subject to the provisions of this Constitution.

(h) No member whose dues have been withheld by his or her

employer for payment to the Local Union pursuant to his or her

voluntary authorization provided for in a Collective Bargaining

Agreement shall be declared ineligible to nominate, vote for, or

be a candidate for office in the Local Union, by reason of alleged

delay or default in the payment of dues by his or her employer to

the Local Union.

(i) Local Unions may not impose eligibility requirements different

than those set forth in this Section.


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junio 14, 2024

VAC Golden Ticket Event

VAC Golden Ticket Event A good time was had by all who attended the VAC Golden Ticket event on June 8th.  Local 83 members and their families came together to help the city of Santa Rosa rehabilitate the dog park at Doyle Park.  We rolled our sleeves up and dug deep to get the job […]

junio 14, 2024