Drywall Contract Ratification Passed!!

Posted June 24, 2022

On 6/23/22 the Drywall Finishers of DC16 overwhelmingly voted yes on the latest contract offer that will keep them working for the next 4 years with significant increases in wages (Largest Drywall contract offer in DC16 history).

  • 4-year contract for $17.05 total. 19.99% increase to the Total Package over the life of the agreement, averaging 4.99% a year.
  • Increases to be allocated as per the attached schedule of rates.
  • Added DDO for a total of 5 per year.
  • Removal of white pants requirement.
  • Shift work differential increase from 15% to 20% per hour above Straight Time Rate.
  • Added language for non-discrimination and labor law compliance.
  • Point of dispatch to include member’s Local Union.
  • Added definition of Journeyman Drywall Finisher.
  • Apprenticeship ration change from 3:1 to 2:1.

Increase schedule:


Congratulations to all Drywall Finishers!


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