DC16 Centralized Dues payments:

Posted April 9, 2021

DC16 Centralized Dues payments:

As you should be aware by now, The District Council has gone to an electronic Centralized dues system.

This is in attempt to bring our Union into the digital age and hopefully simplify things overall in the long run. We have experienced some issues along the way but things are getting cleared up and the system is working properly.  When you get the App set up it will be a tool for information and to show dues status as well as Training certificates.

Thank you to those who have created their MMP App and have paid dues on the website. For those of you who have not or can’t figure it out, here are some step by step instructions.

Step1: go to your App-store on your phone or tablet and download the IUPAT Mobile Member Portal app, once downloaded (open app) and click on “Create account” at the bottom of screen.

Step2: input your last name, your birthdate and your member number (that was sent to you or you can call the Local for this number) and hit “Validate”. If all is correct you will be taken to the next screen.

Step3: the next screen will ask for your Email and to create a 12 character password. (password must be 12 exactly) must have at least 1 Capital letter, at least 1 lower case letter, at least 1 number and at least 1 symbol but must be exactly 12 characters. This should complete the App process (remember password for the next step)

Step4: go to the WWW.DC16IUPAT.ORG website and click on the “Pay my Dues” tab in the top right corner. This is where you will be asked for your E-mail and password from the App, input both and you will be taken to your private payment portal where you can pay (1 month, 1 quarter or a years’ worth of dues. You will also have the option to set up re-occurring payments through your bank or through the Operating Engineers Credit Union. Re-occurring dues is the recommended option since we do not send out bills or reminders of your dues status and it is your own responsibility to make payments on time as to avoid being suspended and having suspension fees added for anyone that goes 3 months behind in dues. (suspension fee is $50.00) each time you go suspended.

If you still need assistance, feel free to call us at the Local union 707-644-2249 and we will walk you through this.