Closure-Desert Springs Hospital

Posted January 27, 2023


The Valley Health System, which is a member of the Nevada Health Coalition, recently provided the important information below. This network of healthcare facilities provides large discounts to the Employee Painters’ Trust members.

Desert Springs Hospital, one of the hospitals contained within The Valley Health System, will be closing its doors on or around March 11, 2023.

The following steps are being taken by DSH to ensure all patients are well taken care of:

  1. Prior to March 11, 2023, Desert Springs Hospital will begin to limit new inpatient admissions to the facility.  As they begin limiting inpatient admissions, they will also work closely with appropriate facilities to safely transfer patients in the Emergency Department requiring admission.
  2. Once the date has been set to limit new inpatient admissions, they will methodically begin to discontinue inpatient operations while maintaining Emergency Operations.
  3. All existing inpatients will receive continued safe treatment and care before being appropriately discharged, transferred to another Valley Health Systems facility, or moved to the next appropriate level of care at another facility.
  4. Once all inpatient operations have ceased, the existing Emergency Department will be converted to Freestanding Emergency Department (FED) status, and continue to operate for 24 months, while a new FED is constructed on the Desert Springs Campus.

Other Hospitals contained within The Valley Health System and fully operational are:

  • Centennial Hills Hospital
  • Henderson Hospital
  • Spring Valley Hospital
  • Summerlin Hospital
  • Valley Hospital
  • Valley Specialty Hospital


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