Posted January 12, 2024


Happy New Year everyone, hopefully you are off to a good start in 2024.

As President of the Napa/Solano Building and Construction Trades council, I am happy to announce that we have completed our PLA negotiations with the city of Vallejo and are waiting on the final draft so we can take it to the City Council to be voted on and approved. We have done the work to get positive city council members elected to be in this position to get the approval for a City-wide PLA here in Vallejo.

We have also done the work to get positive representatives elected on the Napa city council and Napa Supervisors and we will be negotiating with them next for a Napa City-wide PLA and also a Napa County PLA as well.

The work we do to get candidates elected to be in this type of position is very important for gaining work hours for our members. Please get involved and vote for our endorsed candidates. 

If you have any questions on who we are supporting here locally, reach out to the hall for information. I will have flyers posted in the lobby at the hall. The Presidential race is not the big picture for us, it is the local races that are the most important to us. If you have some time and would like to get involved, we have phone banking and precinct walking that we can set up as VAC (Volunteer Activity Committee) events and you can get credit towards being invited to next year’s dinner and raffle event.

Things have started well in 2024, let’s keep the ball rolling!!

Troy Notrangelo

Business Rep 376


Rebate Check

June 21, 2024

Securing More Work!

Brothers and Sisters, Rich Morales, LU1176 Business Rep and I attended the Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) signing with the Alameda Building Trades for the New Hospital Building Project at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. This agreement will prioritize local hire and ensure the most skilled and trained are put to work on the project and […]

June 21, 2024