Castro Theater Restoration

Posted March 8, 2024

As you may have heard on the news, The Castro Theater Restoration is underway after a long time in the works. Evergreene Architectural Arts, a restoration company based out of New York is taking the project on. Evergreene is signatory to the IUPAT through a national agreement. They use our Painters Tapers and Paper hangers on their projects because they know we are the best. The owner of the company, Jeff Greene, invited me to walk the project and discuss workforce needs. They are going to be looking for two experienced Painter/Decorators to paint molding, touch up gold leafing, normal painting, and assist the conservators in the cleaning and restoration of old murals. One experienced Paperhanger. In places where the ceiling murals are too far gone to repair, they will be photographing the piece, screen printing it on canvas at their New York Studio, and piecing the canvas together on the ceiling to look like the original. And one apprentice to teach the art of decorating, which is becoming a lost skill in our trade. This is an exciting opportunity to work on a historical project. Especially so for any apprentice that goes to work on this project as the skills you will learn here, likely would be hard to come by at normal production style jobsites.