Calendar For 2024 Painters and Tapers 

Posted December 30, 2023

Local 507 Clickbait 12/29/2023

Calendar For 2024 Painters and Tapers 

Dear members of Local 507 

I hope you have a Happy and prosperous New Year. Please see the calendars for the Holidays and DDO below.

Calendario para 2024 Pintores y Tapers 

Estimados miembros del Local 507 

Espero que tengan un Feliz y próspero Año Nuevo. Consulte los calendarios de los días festivos y DDO a continuación.



Hello Brothers and Sisters, It was amazing to see Local 767’s retirees at our Retirees Lunch this week. When you sit down withthese retired members the stories just start to flow out. I had the privilege to chat with my first BusinessRepresentative and Admin {Tom Cartwright and Mary Cake). In addition, I got to hang […]

June 04, 2024