Attention: DC-16 Glaziers in good standing!

Posted November 6, 2023

NCCCO written test prep and Practical Exam

If you are interested in getting your CCO Certification Card for operating telescopic fixed cab mobile Cranes, or if you need to recertify your existing TSS Certification;


Don’t miss this opportunity!

On Jan 8th– 13th, 2024 we will be holding a test prep class in which we will register you for the CCO Written test at a local test center, coach you through the practical exam, register you and perform practical exams. You will get your written tests results back the same day you test and the practical exam results will be provided by NCCCO within approx. 12 working days. Passing Candidates will receive their crane operator’s certification card through the mail.

You will need to bring a current driver’s license, hard hat, safety vest or safety colored shirt and work boots and be dressed appropriate for jobsite work. Classroom training starts on Monday morning at 6:00am and goes to 2:30pm. At 2:30pm we will set up the crane and provide Practical exam orientation, practice and coaching until dusk. Classroom study will be from Monday through Thursday. Practical exams will be given on Friday and Saturday (depending upon numbers). We will help you schedule your written exam which will be taken at a local test center.

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Class size 12 candidates

If you are interested and can commit to this class,

RSVP to Erik Schorken DC-16 Training: (510) 910-1610

Include your full name, email address and phone number.