Assembly District Delegate Elections

Posted November 23, 2022

1621 members,

As discussed at the recent Building Trades meetings, Assembly District Delegate elections will be held in just a couple of months. As usual, we are working on placing Building Trades folks as ADEM Delegates in every Assembly District in our jurisdiction, where possible. We are specifically seeking Building Trades people in Milpitas, Berryessa area of San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. To round out the slates. Please respond to if you live in those areas and would like to participate.

For those who are just learning about this, here are the details:

What is it:

In the California Democratic Party, each Assembly District elects 14 people to represent the Assembly District at the annual convention. To run for election, one must be a resident of the District and a registered Democrat. Only registered Democrats may vote in the election. The election will be held in January in each Assembly District. Candidates organize into slates, and the slate most likely to win is one that brings together several groups that can get their people out to vote. We have been very successful in forming these coalitions, getting members out to vote, and securing these seats.

Why do it:

Delegates are asked to vote at the annual convention on the Democratic Party leadership, and on policy matters that affect our members such as environmental platforms, by-right legislation, etc. We need to have our voice loud and strong at these conventions to protect our work hours for members.

What is required:

One annual convention.

Please consider this important service.

Thank you


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