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Posted June 14, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this article finds your workload busy and trying to beat the summer heat. If you didn’t read my last article, please do as there are tips to help you avoid heat stroke. Local 1237 has been busy with work and several VAC events in the last month. We participated by putting flags in front of the headstones of our veterans in Dixon, we also worked at Mckinley Park doing general clean-up for the IUPAT Day of Giving. The Next VAC event will be in West Sacramento for the Tim Campbell BBQ Fundraiser on June 29th at 10:00 am (see the VAC calendar). On the recommendation of the Executive Board, it was voted on to spend $250.00 a month for raffle prizes for the months of July through November 2024. Also, we are still giving a Buck Knife to any member who attends 3 monthly meetings from January through November 2024.

Member Profile: Alex Beltran

Alex Beltran has been a member of Local 1237 for 5 years and is one of the locals’ newest journeymen. Alex, who is the son of Alex Beltran DC16 Director of Training has been around unions his whole life, so becoming a union member was a matter of time. Alex chose flooring because he does not like heights and flooring was the best choice. Alex has only worked for Andersons Flooring and believes that his time as an apprentice was good, when asked he replied, “It was good in my opinion, I believe that what you put into it is what you get out of it”. He enjoys the work that he does and doesn’t mind traveling for work, likes to work on bigger projects, and gets to use the skills he learned. He credits the members he has worked with helping him but JATC Instructor Robert Ringor and Serge Kosovan for showing him how everything works and helping him to become the journeyman installer he is today. He is the only member in his family in local 1237, his mother is in local 1621,  his father and uncles are in local 767.  When Alex isn’t working, he likes to play sports, go camping, fishing, working on vehicles, and spending time with his girlfriend Emily. I asked Alex what advice he had for someone getting into the trade “It is not for people who have thin skin and if you are in it just for the money don’t join. I asked him where he saw himself in the future and he replied, “I hope to be working my 40’s and own a home one day.” The last question I asked was is there anything else you want new members to know? “Be involved and attend your monthly membership meetings’. On the day that Alex signed up for local 1237 he was fresh out of high school and just like most kids didn’t have a clue what he signed up for. In the past five years he has quickly grown into a focused young man and has navigated the apprenticeship and has been Member at Large, and Trustee to Local 1237 Executive Board. He is the definition of High Performance/High Value.

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