$3.25 raise has been allocated!

Posted March 23, 2024

I would first like to thank all 45 members that showed up to our meeting on Thursday March 21st. I know how difficult it is to work all day and then have to drive to San Leandro for your Union meeting, so I truly do appreciate the time you are giving up from your personal life to give your input and suggestions to your Union staff and Executive Board. Last Thursday evening’s meeting was long and got contentious at times but at the end a decision was made on where our 2025 raise of $3.25 is going to be allocated. Please see below for the breakdown:

$2.00 Vacation/Holiday 

$0.85 Annuity 

$0.35 Health/Welfare

$0.05 LMCI/LMP  

This will increase your hourly Vacation/Holiday pay to $11.56 and your hourly contribution to your annuity to $9.96. Remember that these new rates do not start until January 1, 2025.   Also, be on the lookout for a postcard in the mail because at next month’s meeting, we will be nominating delegates for this years IUPAT General Convention as well as taking nomination for an open seat for a DC16 delegate position. I will end with saying that the best place to get accurate information about your Union is by attending your meetings. This last meeting had a lot of great questions asked and members left with answers.              


LU 507 Update!

April 08, 2024

The Results are in

Brothers and sisters, I hope this article finds you and yours getting ready for spring and some warmer weather. On April 2, 2024, the members of Local 1237 in attendance nominated brothers Tim Ringor, Randy Rojas, and Edward Valencia to the IUPAT General Convention. Per the IUPAT Constitution our local per capita allows local 1237 […]

April 05, 2024