Posted julio 29, 2022

Congratulations to the Local 294 Drywall Finishers and Floor Coverers. District Council 16 / Local Union 294 recently completed negotiations with WACA and the Local Employers on the Fresno Area Addendums to the Northern California Drywall Finisher Master Agreement and The Northern California Floor Covering Master Agreement. Both negotiations went very well. Highlights of both addendums included very fare increases and the adoption of the Alternative 2 IUPAT Pension Rehabilitation plan. There is no better word of thanks that could be given by a Member to a Labor Representative then a Unanimous Yes Vote on a negotiated agreement. And that is exactly what happened on these two Fresno Area Addendums. For that I would like to express my extreme thanks to the Local 294 Drywall finishers and Floor Coverers for recognizing the Union’s and Employer Association’s hard work to bring them an acceptable Bargaining Agreement. It is now all of our reasonability’s to continue performing at a High Performance High Level pace to stay competitive in our markets.

SCT1 Intro to DC16: The new qualifying class for the STAR event is in full swing. I recently had the pleasure of assisting the instruction of the class and felt it to be just as Valuable to me as it was the Members participating. Remember this is a mandatory class to qualify for the STAR event regardless of your past qualification status. Some say they have already taken SCT 1. Your right you probably have. But this is a completely different class with the title SCT1 INTRO TO DC16. We will be scheduling the class in Fresno sometime in October 2022 so please keep checking the STAR website www.dc16star.org for an opportunity to sign up for the Class. Just to clarify you may take the Class at any Location it is offered in DC16’S Jurisdiction.

Member Orientation: We will be scheduling a Member Orientation Class at Local Union 294 for sometime in September. This Orientation is for Apprentices and Journeyman and is completely separate from the JATTF Apprentice Orientation. We will be texting out invites to members with date and time of the orientation sometime in August. It is a weekday evening Class that should not run longer than an hour and a half. Food and Beverages will be provided.

Please check the VAC Calendar for upcoming VAC Events in our area. There are some great opportunities for fun while volunteering.



Jeffery B Roberts
Director regional