Nueva Clase Calificatoria “STAR”

Posted mayo 9, 2022

A partir de julio de 2022, SCT es la única clase calificada que cuenta para participar en el Evento STAR anual. Esta clase única DEBE tomarse para asistir al evento STAR y recibir su reconocimiento de premios a partir de 2023. A partir del 1 de julio de 2022, "Survival of the Fittest" e "ICRA" ya no serán aceptados para asistir.


Local 12 News!

All active members should have received an email or text with a survey regarding our upcoming contract negotiations. These surveys are important and it lets the negotiating team know what needs and wants the membership is seeking. If you have not done your survey yet please check your email and let your voice be heard. […]

marzo 10, 2023


Dear Brothers and Sisters, EXCITING NEWS We will have our first training class at our local hall, 272 March 25th, 2023. Take advantage, sign up for the scaffold class on the STAR program website. Click Here to sign up Do not forget that SCT: Introduction to District Council 16 and the Finishing Trade Associations is a REQUIRED class […]

marzo 10, 2023