Local 12 News!

Posted marzo 10, 2023

All active members should have received an email or text with a survey regarding our upcoming contract negotiations. These surveys are important and it lets the negotiating team know what needs and wants the membership is seeking. If you have not done your survey yet please check your email and let your voice be heard. Also, every member should have received a postcard regarding nominations for a DC16 delegate seat. This delegate seat is a great way to get involved with your union as well as see the inner workings of District Council 16. So if you are able to give two evenings a month to attend the DC16 delegate meeting as well as our Local Union meeting this might be a position for you.

Please see below for upcoming important dates:

April 7 – DDO

May 26 – DDO

May 29 – Holiday

June 16 – DDO

June 30 – Our Contract expires


Steven Belong
Representante Empresarial
DC 16/Local Union 12


¡Celebrando el Día de los Caídos!

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mayo 22, 2023