Women’s Meeting

Posted marzo 10, 2023

Welcome Sisters and Brothers,

The Sacramento Region is proud to announce that women in the Sacramento Area held the first Women’s Meeting. This group of Ladies sat down and brainstormed on ideas that will hopefully help recruit many women into the building and construction trades. They would like to reach out to local organizations like the Women’s Recovery Shelter and local elementary schools in the near future and are excited to participate in the Women’s Conference for 2023. I would like to congratulate all of the Women for advancements and progression in the Women’s Movement and staying United. I would like to acknowledge March 8. which was National Women’s Day and look forward to honoring this day each and every year.

If you are out of work please remember to call the office to be placed on the Out-of-Work List. Our Monthly Meeting will be held on March 14. at 5:00pm at the Union Hall. We look forward to seeing you there.


John Tweedt